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They are funny, chill, loud, wild, gorgeous, pretty, and fashionable.
They also are very into computer and taking pictures a lot.
Naly is a Great name.
People with that name are smart
and they are quiet but talkative.
by NaRi23 February 07, 2010
2:Not average at all
4:One word: IDK
Naly is naly. If you don't know Naly well you're just outta luck I guess?
by Noi.. January 08, 2005
Someone who sucks at Call of Duty. If you add a g and r, you get gnarly. Thinks they are a shot caller.
Naly is not gnarly at Call of Duty
by lawl123321 February 20, 2012
1. uncommon name for an Asian-American girl with an orn.

2. a tool

3. a tron
What kind of parents would name their kid Naly? That's so jae, bae.
by crzyjjang December 29, 2004
One who is stalked by Mexican kids with the letter J's prominently in their first name. Speaks in CAPS and attracts pedophiles. (for pedophiles see portismember)
NALY NALY plz luv me I wnt ur p33n.
by omgkelz January 08, 2005
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