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Cute lioness... I love her... *purr*
Oooh, Nala!
by Simba the Wild Lion January 20, 2004
An act of love where one person nuzzles their nose against another's cheek.
I was so excited to see her that I gave her a nala.
by nalauva December 12, 2010
Sweet,Beautiful young lady with large boobies. Shes sweet and caring,super cuddly and has a beeeautiful personality. Nala is humerous and loves whoever will be nice to her. If anyone is mean to Nala, they will regret it. Nala is very friendly and quite talkative but thats okay because she is still amazing. Nala has a big booty and will lol very loud.
Nala loves Lily. Nala is Lily's Boobies.
by Boobiesa.k.aLily March 24, 2011
Beautiful female ,

a great sex partner ,

one of a kind ,

wonderful wife/girlfriend ,

faithful ,

Normaly happy and a beautiful smile .
I wanna look like nala when i get older .
by urban dictionary (ud)* November 12, 2013
After intercourse when a femal cums, she takes a swipe off with her index finger, wipes it on her partners forehead and says "Nala". When done by a man, this would be simba
After we had sex, I totally gave him a Nala.
by AZ Bound September 06, 2011
After intercourse when a guy cums all over his self , you take a swipe off with your index finger, wipe it on his forehead and say "Nala".
After He was done cleaning her pipes, He shot a load on himself and she gave him a Nala : )
by DivaDava October 12, 2011
A big, fat, smelly cat.

Get it now?
My wife, Nala, is big and fat.
by Simba January 23, 2005
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