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A stellar example of a parenting fail.

When a child is raised to believe that the rectangular paper cloth used to wipe your mouth at the table is called a Nakin. This usually results from an initial mispronunciation at a young age followed by a lack of grammatical correction on the parents part. It can be very embarrassing for the misguided child when he is publicly humiliated by his peers after he asks for a "nakin" at the dinner table. The telling of this story later in life will most likely cause someone to have the best day of their life.
Sean: Excuse me Mrs Johnson, could you please pass me a nakin?
Mrs Johnson: A what?!
Sean: A nakin, could you pass me a nakin?
Mrs Johnson: What the STICK is a nakin???
Sean: (embarrassed)
by thembarrassedchild December 24, 2009
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"yo i could get a nakin?"or
ewe you nasty, wipe your sloppy face wit a nakin
or We have no more nakins use toilet paper instead
by Gypseytoo January 31, 2006
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