a person or thing who overly asks questions, drives with ADD, and shaves his balls
guy 1- hey did you hear what that nagel over there said?
guy 2- whatever he says everything.
guy 1- yeah your right.
by ehjay mang October 01, 2006
Top Definition
nageled, nageling, nagels
(v.) Used to describe extreme, inhuman, mind-boggling, or the ultimate laziness. Not to be used on instances that cannot be called ultimate laziness. For reference of ultimate laziness, contact a Mr. Greg Nagel.

Elliot: "Did you see Craig this morning?"
Fernando: "No, why?"
Elliot: "Well, he's sleeping on the floor because he couldn't make it to his bed last night."
Fernando: "That's pretty lazy."

Craig wakes up, walks to the couch in the living room and proceeds to take a nap.

Fernando: I didn't think it was possible, but Craig actually took nageling to the next level.
by Ronddell December 26, 2005
A drunk person, a foot and a half shorter than you, which when provoked, smashes you in the face with full beer bottle.
you bes shut the fuck up befor I Nagel yo ass

That dude got Nageled

What a Nageling
by filth January 07, 2004
meaning a lot of something
I had a nagel of dirt on my jeans.
by Jordan Sanchez Jr. February 09, 2008
Liquid expelled from the genitals upon ejaculation.
Jimmy, please masturbate so I can spread some of your delicious nagel all over my toasted bagel.
by Charles Spitznagel July 06, 2007
When a close friend abandons all of his friends just to hang out with his girlfriend.
Man you haven't said a word to us in 4months... stop being a nagel
by Knolton September 07, 2011
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