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Nag Tag (v.): When a Nig Nag (Black Man) with a full erection, in the heat of a moment, slaps you across your face with his penis and ejaculates at least 2 ounces on contact. (This is a commen Practice in Nigeria)

Nag Tag (n.): A Nig Nag who plays nag tag.

Sometimes used as an adj.
(v.) Last night Jemal played nag tag with me. It was fuckin' uncalled for....So much god damn jizz.


(adj.) You and your nag tag'n ways.
by Adrian RobsteinMcOrgieliker May 14, 2006
When you write gay on your hand with chalk and then apply your hand to the jacket or sweatshirt of another it will imprint a the word "gay" on the jacket or sweatshirt.
Make sure your write it backwards, for if you don't you will have "yag" written on your fellow friend.
by Geoff March 14, 2003
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