"Uncle Fester" look-a-like, is a fat, bald polish cunt, that has nothing better to do than whine to his mommy about his loved ones, and will tell anyone who seems to be listening the same. always fat, never an ounce of dignity in his soul, has the uncanny ability to depress a guy on ecstacy, bound to marry before even getting to know the other person and eventually tried to have them arrested for petty crimes.

Commonly used as a verb, or adjective, while describing a "bitching out" action or if you being just a total puss. i.e. "Stop being such a NADO", "stop NADOing, your just embarrasing yourself", "dude its only 25 lbs, stop NADOing and pick it up!"
"Your Being A NADO" "Stop being such a NADO" "Why are you NADOing" "NADO!!"
by KAJAKI September 28, 2011
Top Definition
An abbriviation of Coronado An island town in San Diego.
Dude, i'm from nado.
by coyoteblanco February 13, 2006
Nado = Coronado

1. Floating island
2. Rich, white idiots
3. Shitty beach
4. Home of Hotel Del
5. Republicans
6. $$$$$$
"Aye, let's go have a bonfire in Nado."
by upthapunxoioioi October 11, 2006
A suffix indicating that the root of the word is taking the form of a tornado. Can be used with or without a hyphen.
1. Sharknado
2. This convention is a nerd-nado.
3. That Facebook page is a hippie-nado.
by TharosTheDragon May 25, 2014
1. a small island like town located in san diego
2. what natives from the island coronado call it
3. a place where extremely rich and spoiled people live live Chula Vista, how gross. I only talk to people who live in Nado and wear Abercrombie & Fitch.
by ultraneoneyeshadow March 25, 2005
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