(1) nothing
(2) not doing anything
guy 1: wat u doing 2day?

guy 2: jc, pretty much nada.
by wrangler January 25, 2008
Nada is an amazing person. you can easily get lost in her eyes and feel home. you can share anything you want to share with her. she can keep secrets. she is very sarcastic. also, she can express her opinion infront of anyone. she is open-minded. she's really pretty. she will love a guy with a name starting with letter "A". she's always happy-go-lucky. she gets what she wants. she can be a good friend and a shoulder to cry on. she is very intelligent. she has long dark brown hair. anyone can fall for Nada easily.
1. I need Nada in my life.
2. I love Nada.
by WORLDOFDARKNESS April 28, 2015
Portuguese for the word nothing. Generally used in response to the question, "What's up?" or "What are you doing?"
Q - Sup?
A - Nada.
by Grimalkin February 20, 2003
Slang in Centerville, Ohio for "Nudist." Often misunderstood if pronounced incorrectly.
"Dude, check out that Nadas. He has no clothes on."
"That shirt makes you look like a Nadas, dawg. Why don't you put on some more clothes?"
by Badaszine March 20, 2009
It means "nothing" in spanish and portuguese. From the latin "nāta".
No extended commentary about gun control, white thug life, family breakdown, NADA!
by El fulano May 22, 2015
The laziest, most noncommittal way of denying someone's request. Notice the closeness to the Spanish word nada, meaning nothing.
Person 1: Yo man, pass that blunt!
Person 2: na da, you didn't throw down.
by SmokeyTHC January 26, 2009
From the Spanish "nada" meaning "nothing."

It can mean either:
a) You don't have anything
b) You're not doing anything important.

Friend: "Hey, dude, do you have a cigarette or any bud?"
You: "Nadas dude, i'm sorry..."

Friend: "What are you doing right now?"
You: "Nadas, just chilling at home..."
by torey February 06, 2005
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