A planet created for geeks to have late night internet chats and plightfiddlers over. It is complete fiction and of no concern to normal people.
An outer-rim planet inhabited by long-entrenched republican ..... only geeks give a shit about this crap
by Andrew or Simon April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Naboo is the shaman from The Mighty Boosh, the funniest and best tv show...dont argue!!!
Spirit of jazz: i knew you couldnt resist me boy
Naboo: get in my hoover bag
by Green Corn April 24, 2005
naboo is an awesome shamen from the cult comedy mighty boosh. he is always on high and has a competition with others on the board of shamen of who can handle the most drugs. Kirk always wins tho. ^_^
he turns his back on people (usually vince noir and howard moon) if he is annoyed
he is played by mike fielding (noel fielding's brother)
naboo : i'm gonna have to turn my back on you
by bRoKeN hEaRtS aNd FaDeD jEaNs April 18, 2008
An outer-rim planet inhabited by long-entrenched republican colonists and native gungans. The Clone Wars arguably began with the Trade Federation embargo against Naboo.
You-sa think droids so big and fly, but we-sa whooped you-s'ass at Naboo.
by sesamekinjiru January 27, 2005
naboo is also the burmese word for horny.
Paul chiu is one naboo mofo.
by boxer rebel February 25, 2005
Former name of the pos(t)er known as Philaneau.
Yes ladies and gentlemen its true Naboo is Philanaeu!!!
Philaneau used to be Naboo.
Naboo is Philaneau
Is this still too short?
by Raps board July 05, 2004
1- a type of spaceship

2- a guy who drive a futeristic flying vehicle
1- "Dam that guy is driving the naboo pretty fast!"

2- "Hey naboo! when u taking me and the guys to the moon bro?"
by Fez October 13, 2004
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