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See: ^_^
by Pang Mu April 08, 2003
1) just another text smiley.
synonym. :) (happy) or ^_^ (cute)
antonym. u_u (sleeping)

2) two lowercase "n" separated by an underscore.

3) can be used as a general reply or a comment signature.
stranger: hi ctc?
ren_new: n_n
stranger: wer r u fr?
ren_new: n_n
stranger: r u stil der?
*ren_new just signed out.*
by ren_new April 02, 2009
A sheepish grin, with an apostrophe representing the anime sweat-drop.
Person 1: Who ate my piece of cake?! I was saving it!
Person 2: Well, funny story n_n'...
by Kraas November 17, 2008
is K-chans face that bugs Tarwedge :D
It shows yor are happy trying to bug the guy you love -HEART-
K-chan: don't make me do the n_n face on you
Tarwedge: GAH NO!
by Tarwedge's Girl :DDDD July 11, 2003

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