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The abbreviated name of English rapper 'Nate Monoxide'.
"have you heard the new nMx album yet? It's crazy!"

"I've been listening to nMx on repeat all week."
by Ill-Icit December 07, 2008
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In America, (based in New York) also the name of an online music community called The New Music Exchange.

A free online music community that caters to the independent artist sectors (we will be launching nmxradio.com on July 31, 2009 - artists can be apart of the community be registering at our main site at www.newmusicexchange.com)
nmx is not only one web site but a series of them

ex- nmxradio.com , nmxmusicgroup, thenewmusicexchange.com
by dreaded madness July 22, 2009
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