Another phrase for newb/noob. Usally used by hackers/scammers.
" I pawned you n33b "
by Tom Pritchard ;) September 02, 2005
Top Definition
n) A total and complete noob.

v) when one who usually pwns at something noobs out and gets pwned like he is a noob.
Look at that n33b who just jumped of the edge

Darn it i'm n33bing; I have not even killed one person yet
by Joosty8646 November 22, 2006
yet another term to diss a newbie.
also see noob
<d00d> w00t i have 7 gepees.
<better d00d> ahaha n33b.
<dood> pmfg :'(
<better d00d> ...
by The Gracer August 17, 2005
Also known as Neeb
The elite way of saying Neeb

A noob
A drunk person.
You are a N33b bitch!
by PJ Sims March 18, 2006
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