Top Definition
abbreviation of No One Cares
my friend Steve likes to tell people he's a lawyer, but n1c
by emjay730 March 05, 2008
no one cares
When a friend tells a gay story just tell them n1cs
yo my teacher is gay n1cs
person a:Yo i got so drunk last night
person b:n1cs
by Andrew safes September 17, 2007
n1cs is the short form of the words no one cares made bye Andrew aka SafEtY™. Used in aim, messenger, etc.
Andrew says:
Damn i killed 40 ppl in this map.
Evan Says:
n1cs >.<
by Evan aka G-UNIT September 16, 2007
No One Cares
As a friend tells u a stupid ass story just tell them n1cs because no 1 really gives a fuck
Yo i got to bomb last night
:( my nail broke safEty
by Andrew SafeTY September 29, 2007
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