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Alternate text-speak for "nigger." My brother and I often use this on the refrigerator with the magnets available.
"Calling N1 double 6 ER, over!"
"Thish ish n166er."
by AdamAngelCrasher February 08, 2007
IN RE: TO ""Alternate text-speak for "nigger.""".....ACTUALLY, YA KNOW WHAT... N/m. its SPOT ON!!! AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WAIT A SEC, when you're trying to call a TALK RADIO STATION such as, ask the person who takes the calls b4 youre actually put on the air... ask him to spell out the word N166ER and see if he gets the joke, ahahahahaha, i also tend to use the word N166ER on CRAIGSLIST RANTS AND RAVES!!!
""FUCK YOU N166ER, "" HUH???? n166er??? WRITE IT OUT ASSHOLE!!! n166er freetalklive racist nigger
by lesser of 2 eviles October 20, 2015
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