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The opposite of w00t.

Can be modified with either 'high' or 'low' to indicate the precise level of negative-wootage. A 'high n00t' implies a bad situation which may nevertheless have a humourous or redeeming quality to it.
Person A: "You know how we mocked that guy selling quadbikes? Well, now he's run over your family. And somehow you owe him 25 dinars."

Person B: "n00t."


Person C: "I just got arrested for setting fire to President Mugabe!"

Person D: 'high n00t!"
by Celsus August 09, 2007
An alternative for n00b, saw it on a dutch poster means cow or sumting XD
"this guy named mace he is a n00t"
by TE_RiD January 04, 2005
1337 version of "nuts"; usually said after death in a CS game. Much cooler than "wtf bs f u"
---Professor Booty killed all of Team 1 via headshots

Team 1 (collectively): N00TS!!!
by TheMaestro June 08, 2003
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