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n. A phenomenon characterised by a sudden and immense flood of enthusiasm for a fandom or character that had previously been a fringe interest, beloved only to few. This is generally caused by the original material being adapted or remade for the big screen, usually in a blockbuster format.

N00bwave flooding is intensely disliked by previous fans of the fandom, because it disregards the years of loyalty towards it in favour of a superficial, hormonally-charged and often angst-fic-sodden adoration.
Examples include the Joker, as rebooted in The Dark Knight, and the cast of Star Trek in the 2009 'prequel'.

Geek: Oh man, I was just browsing the forums, and there's another bunch of fanart of emo-Spock crying with some red-shirt Mary Sue.

Geekette: Oh ferfuksake... freaking n00bwave.
by Farthingale May 15, 2009
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