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Alternate pronunciation of n00b, most often used by people who like rhymes.
"I lost because my allies were über n00bers."
by Overlord Zurg March 15, 2004
(Pokémon) a person who uses Pokémon in the Uber tier to compensate for their lack of skill
Next time that n00ber should think about playing fair. I mean, TWO DARKRAIS? Seriously...
by Numbuh214 September 01, 2008
Noun; One who supports or acts similar to a n00b and/or acts under the principles of n00bism
Stfu!!!! Stop helping those n00bs!!!!!!
A person who makes other people into n00bs, or nubs.
"Dwaje pwns Ch0 hard, therefore he is a n00ber."
by Dwaje August 11, 2003
1.) Someone who is new and asked a bunch of gay questions.
Alex: What is your OS? (Operating System)
Matt: MY OS is Microsoft Netscape Explorer!
Alex: OMFG you are such a N00ber *kicks matt*
by Cait May 05, 2004
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