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a persons NUMBER count of how many people they have had sex with.

Having oral or manual sex also applies.
According to my research, lesbianism does not raise a woman's n-count. Especially if said lesbians are "hot" and not "man-hating-butch-dikes.
Example 1.
"It's 20fucking13 and we still live in a ridiculous, sexist society where a large amount of women are concerned about their n-count getting too high. They also don’t want their n-count to be too low, lest they be seen as prudes."

Example 2.
The Societal expectation of sex doesn't make any sense:

- Men are expected to have a high n-count by having sex with many, new women constantly.
- Women are expected to remain virgins until married - the holy grail/end all be all for women. Barring that, they must have a very low n-count.
(Is there an agreed on number from the bro-verse, makers of all laws, on just what is the acceptable amount of dicks one is "allowed" to have inside of one's vajay? Is 3 an acceptable amount? 4? 9? Is 12 too many dicks? Just how many dicks or how high does a woman's n-count have to be before a woman has been deemed a worthless?
- And hetero sex is the "default" or "norm". (NO QUEERS! HOMOS ARE FROM SATIN! well, unless it's 2 or more girls and the hetero dudebros can watch/join in then that's acceptable )
- I’m really confused how all these men are supposed to be having large amounts of sex with different women resulting in a high n-count for themselves
by shifuku October 08, 2013
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