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1) A way of saying that 2+ people are in sync with each other

2) A boy band that everyone thinks about, shudders, and thinks, "Why did I like them?"
1) "Man, Tony and Roma are totally n'sync with each other!"

2) "Holy whoa I wish N,SYNC would die!"
by Marie Takahama October 19, 2005
ancient word meaning 5 homosexuals atempting to sing.
also see Fagstreet boys
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
How dickheads spell N*Sync.
N*Sync is a talentless group of robotic hearthrobs used to brainwash 10 year old girls. N,Sync is not a word, nor is it a band.
by Mae Stripeland July 12, 2005
Worst boy band (if you want to call them a band)to hit since New Kids On The Block.
"N,sync sucks"
by Jay A April 22, 2003
a bad exscuse to call a group of people a band.
Nsync was just one bad idea.
by anna December 08, 2003
One of the worst bands on the planet who can easily be compared to Britney Spears and The Fagstreet Boys.
NSync is just shit. Seriously.
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 20, 2004
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