Not A Tipper. In the service industry, this word is used when a customer notorious for not tipping enters the establishment.
She's a nat, I don't want to wait on her!
by Adica April 28, 2005
the sleek, streamlined, hipster abbreviation of the word naturally; commonly preceeded by the word "Dude" and generally accompanied by a self-assured shrug of the shoulders
Kid 1: Are you going to Sarah's Halloween party next week?
Kid 2: Dude, nat.
by DarkPrincebater October 07, 2007
Pinay girl from NM who has a sexy body but has a personality where the weak of heard can't handle. She'll be mine in a few...months?
There goes nat walking up the street. She damn sexy
by BRahkel April 17, 2006
nat is da kwlest person eva nd she has da best m8z in da world, megz nd ams! she em luvs 2 lotz mum nd dad! lol nd her real mum nd dad nd bro rule! lol bibi xxxx
nat is da best
nat rox so much!
by Jade Sibbons April 22, 2005
Someone who sucks balls with pleasure
"I was a Nat in my younger ages, but now that I've grown up I'm a gold "
by Pr.Doofenshmirtz January 06, 2016
really sexy girl with the biggest titties
"Wow she's such a Nat, Biggest tits eva"
by nieuwe November 12, 2015
Natural Tits
Steve: "Check out the huge Nats on this chick!"
Craig: "Holy Shit! She's got to be at least a DDD"
by Captain Motorcycle June 11, 2015

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