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1) An Indian totem used in ritual carving ceremonies to the insect god of Mick-Jaggery.

2) Of or pertaining to the Indian totem forementioned.

3) To jagger. To be in a state of jaggeriness.

4) An exclamation. Formerly E-jaggulation.

5) To leave a weird taste in ones mouth.
He jaggulated when thinking of the jaggery totem he was going to carve out of a jaggery, but he fell in a jaggery pile of dung, leaving him feeling jaggered.
by Insectasaurus-Rex October 23, 2010
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The Pittsburgh form of douche-baggery
Yinz hear 'em talkin about Ben assaulting Nevada chicks n'at, dat der is some jaggery.
by Pens_pwn July 21, 2009

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