Network Address Translation
That router uses NAT.
by Raging Computer May 16, 2005
a fine dime brizzle livin' in h-town but pimps internationally.
she's my Nat, and i think i'm in love wit her..
by Doc January 16, 2005
Your body weight in beer or in another alcoholic liquid.
- 4 people died of alcohol poisoning last night trying to drink a NAT of beer.

- Q: How much is a NAT of beer?
- A: About 65 liters
by 11235 August 11, 2006
Abbr. Nose Avoidance Tilting

1st stage of kissing

Origins: term coined by the character Jeff Murdoch of the sitcom Coupling
"There was definite NAT!"
by Zoecb October 28, 2004
Another Winchester College notion, meaning 'yeah!' Oringinally from the Latin: Nattus Natte meaning to really want to do....
Direct opposite of Fische.
Do you want to play football??
-Yeah Nat!
by chiyne December 04, 2004
i am the natizzle and my best m8 is tha cizzle FO SHIZZLE MY nizzle!
fo shizzle
by erm... natizzle September 30, 2003
Agreeing strongly with someone
I love Geo.

I do nat love Geo
by Musilini December 01, 2004

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