ee blonde
-The action of not thinking.
-Any person or person's who act with little forethought and impulsively think they are a nun.
Man, I'm such a nat!
by TheBigAsianTree March 23, 2011
Same like "No"
Wanna drink some coffee ?

nat !
by X3r0X December 12, 2008

one beautiful, smart, sexy, a girl whos easy to fall in love with but hard to fall out of love with. nice, shy to random people, outgoing with friends, loves everyone, hated by nobody, popular, had a great body, hard to take your eyes off of, also GREAT in bed. A great girlfriend, never cheat or be snobby.
i wish that was my girlfriend i need a Nat
by Alenaskiss:) September 25, 2010
slang word for just joking
if you make a joke and you dont mean it say "nat" so they'll know your joking
by michele December 29, 2003
the mullet another form of hippie
Nat shepard a high school student at some random place
by chris win December 01, 2006
a girl with a big bum who enjoys sitting on the faces of men. can also be completely lazy
Friend 1: That girl i met last night was totally nat!

Friend 2: That bad?

Friend 3: Yeah she natted me and didn't get up till gone noon!
by Piketly May 25, 2008
Female Bike Punx who drink PBR
"Wow You look a Nat! Drinking Pbr and Riding your Bike"
by turnpikegates August 26, 2008

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