Underage females who claim to be of a different age and engage in thot activity through on social networks

Nats commonly

Use a lot of filters

~Wear a lot of makeup
~Has more followers than friends
~Has few people she actually knows on page
~Is defensive when asked age
~Ask followers for material things
~Wear provocative clothes or dyes hair look mature

~Always suggest to be private messaged

~Have long bios in which they include age , kik,snapchat, facebook

~Keeps page interactive with WCW,TBH,TBR,Personal videos,lots of posts
~Bro shut yo ass up thats why you got a short ass, lanky ass nat in your inbox at least my bitch can read a clock.

18 year old "So , how old are you ?

Young girl lies "16"

18 year old "Really ,why you lying punk ass bitch you know damn well you 12, you finna get chu ass back to 6th grade I peeped your sketchers box and that babyblue aeropostal hoodie in that mirror pic.

Young girl ''Why would I even lie about my age,I just look different?

18 year old "Stfu thot ass before I tell you're pops you trynna get experienced dick on the gram.

Freshman nats claiming they 18 already on the gram.

This nat i know got on the thot page

That girl from the facebook came to see me, this nat came with her cousin and said I was her teacher.

Nats be like I got left back.
Nats be like i forgot my id cant see the movie
by bronxpixie August 07, 2014
A ninja with balls the size of watermelons
Daym, have you seen the size of his balls he must be a nat.
by EpicPandaCrack January 27, 2014
A boy who has serious manhood issues and hits people to feel strong. Nats are commenly thin and although not threatning, they can be very annoying. A Nat will often be incapacitated when struck once. Avoid Nats because they are douches.
"Wha-? Did that kid just hit me."
"Oh ya, that's Nat. He only hits girls for some reason."
"Lets go beat the shit out of him."
"Wait for me!"
by Marie♡♡ July 29, 2014
The greatest man that you had never met
KING of Mathematics!
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
The incredibly annoying act or experience of traveling through a large group or nest of hovering insects. Also refers to any annoying or generally sketchy person or incredible situation.
A) "Hey man how was that bike and portage trip up north?" "dude it was fun until dusk came and then it was just straight up Nats"
B) "ugh... That weekend was Nats"
C) "yo how'd that date go with bitty last night?" "Dinner was good but then we went to the club and Nitty went Natty"
by TFünke July 03, 2012
A man who thinks he is a hippy or a head banger but will never smoke weed and weres punk clothing, but is acutally a wanna be
Man he is such a nat , he thinks he is a hippy head banger
by zombie9967 September 15, 2008
Its most commonly used among the youth of Afrikaans people in Cape Town, it has more or less the same meaning as cool. Its comes from the west coast of South Africa from a town called Veldrift.
Awe dude dis nat!

Means: Yo dude dats cool!

Dude vandag gan 'n sopnat dag wees!

Means: Dude today is gona be an awesome day!
by Pretoors April 20, 2011
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