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really hot chick, she has a body to die 4
5th hottest chick in australia
by penis-man April 03, 2003
Natural breasts
Those are some big ol' perky nats. No sillicone in those puppies.
by MrPerfect303 July 15, 2008
Stands for Nose Avoidance Tilting. Used to refer to the tilt two people engage in right before they kiss so that they don't bump their noses. Originated form the Bristish comedy "Coupling" which can be seen on most PBS stations.
"There was some definite N.A.T. but for some reason, she pulled away!"
by Kiten March 17, 2006
See yourgranscock
It's Nat.
by Chunky Monkey July 21, 2003
A nickname for Natalie. A really nice girl who is a leader. Typically Nat's have thin hair and are kind of short.
Nat is awesome!
by lyslysawesome March 19, 2013
Nat, is one of the nicest girls i have ever met. She is talkative, random and crazy. She is the most kindest person i have ever met and you will never find someone like her. She is nice to everyone and loves meeting new people.
Nat loves talking and meeting anyone. She is also very talkative and hyper.
by #Anon June 30, 2013
A boy who has serious manhood issues and hits people to feel strong. Nats are commenly thin and although not threatning, they can be very annoying. A Nat will often be incapacitated when struck once. Avoid Nats because they are douches.
"Wha-? Did that kid just hit me."
"Oh ya, that's Nat. He only hits girls for some reason."
"Lets go beat the shit out of him."
"Wait for me!"
by Marie♡♡ July 29, 2014