A short slang version of " and shit". Also used by pro skater Mike- Mo Capaldi on Twitter.
Im not gonna go to work today, Im just gonna chill N shit.
by MJ R December 28, 2009
A less refined variation on the Latin "et cetera".
"That man is most definitely one who arranges sexual encounters for others, as he has obvious signs of being nouveau riche, such as jewelry and decorations on his car, etc."

"That nigga be a pimp, he got dollaz errywhere... bling and grillz and rims 'n shit!"
by Monsieur Baudelaire February 04, 2010
1 : a number of unspecified additional persons or things; an informal form of "etcetera", denoting the continuance of a list or sequence;
2 : and so forth; unknown or undescribed information; denoting additional information that the speaker either does not know or assumes is understood from context.
1: We went to the zoo today and saw lions and tigers and bears n' shit.

2: I don't know what her fucking problem is today. It must be stress from the wedding n' shit.
by Amos the Puppyfucker August 27, 2010
A word invented and used exclusively by Dulcimer Krueger. It can have multiple meanings, including a substitute for "etc."
by hblaugh October 05, 2009
commonly said more than you realize...1)someone that is too busy to help you out. 2) as if something was suddenly added on to your night of partying un-expectedly...3) describing one's items that were never present in the first place but wanted to get more insuance $$$ back
i got stuff to do {n shit}, or i'd help you move.

I'm sorry, i{love }you "i was{drunk} n shit" when i{ fucked} her.

the {black }guy stole my radio n shit outtta my {car}
by islowd December 31, 2012
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