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Another word for myspace. Said by people who think that myspace is complete crap.
Gigger 1: Did that kid in the Generic Emo Band t-shirt just ask you for your Myspaz?
Gigger 2: Yes. I told him to fuck off. Does this Hell Is For Heroes t-shirt mean nothing?
by Boba899 July 23, 2006
An uncontrollable urge to get on MySpace.
Girl: Can I borrow your laptop?
Girl's Friend: What for?
Girl: I'm starting to have a myspaz.
Girl's Friend: Oh, I understand.
by Gray84 August 06, 2009
A way of saying myspace. Usually said by someone who thinks normal words are too good for them.
Oh girlfriend check out my Myspaz

Shut the hell up and get a life
by Leah-N-x February 13, 2006
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