verb; the act of looking through myspaces
Kid1: Hey! whats up?
Kid2: N2m, listening to music and bout you?
Kid1: same same
by Ski J October 22, 2005
Top Definition
verb; Interacting with people on the MySpace friend network.
"Are you myspaceing?"
by Lex Strebel July 14, 2006
The act of editing and/or customizing internet profiles with images and pictures such as myspace, tumblr, facebook, etc.
I'll go to the party as soon as I'm done myspaceing my tumblr dashboard.
by real dreamer August 06, 2012
somoene who is playing around on myspace.
me; Hey Kailey whats up?
Kailey; not much. just watching friends and myspaceing lol.
me; yea me too.
by lucci721 December 13, 2007
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