transitive verb
1 : to pursue by memorizing mundane or personal details of one's myspace page.
2 : to have viewed a new acquaintance's page one time and in the ensuing casual conversation mention a detail, only to be called out on it
3 : to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment by sending constant friend requests and unwanted messages
1: Have you seen that show with that myspace lesbian Tila Tequila? I have her in my top friends and look at her page everyday. Her favorite liquor is Tequila...

2: "I have a birthday coming up"

"That's right, you were born in November"

"Someone's a myspace stalker..."

3: Ewwww, this dirt bag keeps sending me friend requests. I have blocked my page, and marked him as spam, why won't he get the hint. I don't want to be your friend!!!
by jacoblebo November 16, 2007
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