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Someone you befriend on myspace but don't talk to in real life.
Yeah, Jen and I are myspace friends but we don't even say hello when I see her in the hallway.
by kayg May 26, 2007
A person who you consider a friend but do not really know them at all. Sort of like your mllionth friend on myspace.
I don't really know john, he's just my myspace friend
by shituation room May 17, 2008
A Friend You have on Myspace But Yet You Would Never Accually Talk To Them In Real Life.
Girl One: Dude Gina Is a Whore.
Girl Two: OMG I Know She Told Me Once She Would Do Anyone.
Girl One: You're Friends With Gina?
Girl Two: Ummm *Embarrassed* Umm No Shes My Myspace Friend and She Posted It In a Bulletin.
Girl One: Ohh, *Backs Away Slowly*
by mgard December 21, 2008