Top Definition
When someone looks hot on myspace but looks like shit in real life.
I met up with this girl i met on the myspace but sadly,she was just myspace hot,and was fuckin ugly in real life.
#internet hottness #digital beauty #myspace hottness #webslut #photogenicness
by Milö von kreskleväch September 14, 2007
When a girl/guy looks hot from the small profile pic when you can't access other pictures because they're page is private.
Dax: duuuuude, that chelsey girl is so myspace hot
DKapps: dude i know, her tits look massive
Dax: fo sho bra
DKapps: i wonder if shes hot in teh real world
#boobs #tits #cunt #myspace #bra #tittiez #teh #vagina
by DaxAttax January 11, 2008
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