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Since the popularity explosion of myspace, some have descovered it's therapeutic benefits as well as just it's social networking capabilities.

It's common to find many kids, usually the less attractive ones (for some reason most of them have big noses :S) with low self esteem, using "whore trains" such as 'Tons of Adds' to generate thousands of myspace friend requests from unknown people. This then gives the illusion that they are somehow amazingly popular with some having upwards of 50,000 "friends".

Once their friend list is big enough, it's then up to their inflated ego to do the rest aka page editing, picture captions etc. They entertain the idea that they are famous due to the ammount of "friends" they have and start acting like they are a celebrity.

Their page will often say or contain all or most of the following things

1) OmgZ all You Haterz arE jUst making Me FaMouS!

2) 1% of people add me to send hatemail, the other 99% add me to worship me

3) Put me on your page! (With html code linking a photo of him/her back to their page)

4) Their whole way of talking will be made to sound humble, yet extremly arrogant at the same time. eg: "A lot of people out there think i'm some big celebrity, i'm really not :)"

5)They will usually have created their own myspace music account so that the myspace music player on their profile will feature their name

6)They are usually fairly sloppy with their html code and they're page will usually be pages long and take forever to load. It's not uncommon for many to have 2 or 3 different embedded songs start playing at once

7)Their picture captions will usually always say something like "People love taking photos of me" or "how on earth did this pic get to 4734537 comments?" (see rule 4)

8)Their pictures will nearly always have their friend ID typed over it, as well as their myspace name in some nice cursive font.

9)There will ALWAYS be a small section saying how hatemail doesnt matter and how it only makes their head get bigger.

10)Considering how many friends their accounts sometimes have, it's always funny to look at the number of comments they have in comparison. If they have about 50,000 friends, then it's probable for them to have sub 2000 comments. While most people who have a friend list of around 500 will have over 2000 comments because people actually want to talk to them.

They don't realise that even the MOST famous myspace celbrities aka Tila Tequila or Jeffree Starr are not even D grade celebrities in real life and 95% of the general population are not even aware they exist.

Just laugh at a distance at anyone who thinks or claims or have myspace fame - usually the unattracive and the down syndrome. Sending them hatemail just makes their retarded brains think they are more important. However, if they have their comments as visible, leaving some comments filled with pictures from is good aswell =
Person 1: Hahaha you think your famous?
Person with "myspace fame": Omg all you h8ers are just making me famous!
Person 1: I'm just using a logical argument to point out the fact that you have no reason at all to have any sort of self esteem
Person with "myspace fame": Your just jealous haha, it's so obvious. I have WAY more friends than you!
Person 1: And how many of them do you actually know?
Person with "myspace fame":.....*slits wrist*
by Tom_Anderson February 18, 2007
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