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the face everyone makes in their myspace pictures. This face is

for girls: pouty eyes with a smirk or pursed lips. The shoulder comes up and attatches to the chin. fingers in the west side sign optional

for guys: shirts up showing off their abs, while making some macho head nod, face looking cool and unassuming.
Matt: Damn, did you see Macaylas myspace?

Mario: yeah, shes got that myspace face, right?
by Crohnser May 13, 2006
A myspace picture with your eyes rolled up and your pouty face on.
Girl: Check my new myspace dp
Friend: i saw it. TOTAL myspace face going there
by Sage J February 17, 2009
When someone's photos online make them appear hotter than they are in real life.
"He looked cute online, but when we met he had a myspace face."
by Sansserif December 21, 2006
When someone appears attractive in his/her online photos, but is unattractive in real life.
He looked good in his pics online, but when we hung out he had a Myspace face.
by Sansserif December 11, 2006