A male who hates women and expresses it either verbally or through his actions. Typically they are geeks who never get laid and got dissed by chicks they masturbated over for years before they finally got up the nerve to ask them out. They should also be considered on the very verge of complete homosexuality.
Typical insecure male: Dude women are so inferior to men. They suck at everything. They're such whores and they're so stupid. I hate them all!

Other guy (not insecure about his abilities to operate as a full functioning man): Dude...are you a homo?
by Introlectual...bitchez December 06, 2004
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One who hates women. This term can be applied to either a woman or a man with equal effect. By the way, the proper spelling is misogynist.
The town's misogynist writes letters to the editor complaining about the fact that we let women vote and hold elected office.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
one who hates women actively or passively; this hate manifests in derogatory words directed to /actions acted out upon women
By definition of the game, pimps are mysoginists
by Ebylox September 17, 2003
A man that hates women almost as much as other women do.
He's a mysoginist, but he's got nothing on the babes.
by Arasmus January 09, 2004
An asshole who hates women.
My uncle is a mysoginist and he's also overweight and addicted to crack.
by dudemeister September 18, 2003
A male who promotes stereotypically male views that are damaging or hateful to females; A woman hater.
God, can you believe that mysoginistic pig??!
by Wingchild September 13, 2003
Misspelling of misogynist.

A misogynist is a woman hater but is often misapplied to refer to the poor bastard who's met Nurse Ratched or Annie Wilkes.

Some women you never recover from... ;-)
Well, she wrote about a mysoginist but I think she meant to call him a misogynist... Silly woman.
by fuzzix May 16, 2006
A Mysoginist is a male that feels inconfident, insecure, in no control, or uncharming to females, they are usually extremly angered at the fact they cannot get women to do what they want mostly can be known to be linked to paraphilia and are known to develop violent, harrassive, or personal behaviour to women which can mostly be physical if they get the chance to express themeselves about the problem, lots of mysoginists also express themeselves by being anti-social, mysoginist men can only be fixed through kindness, doing what they want, and social assistance.

Male: " Hey baby whats up, wanna get wit me sweet thang? "

Woman: " Eww, get away from me freak? "

Male: Fuck you you stupid bitch! *Slap, smack, WHAM WHAM, WHAM WHAM WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM WHAM WHAM*
by Shadowcop November 09, 2008

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