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verb To myep is to create (typically unintentionally) a subtle crackling sound as one opens one's mouth to speak, as the tounge unsticks from the roof of one's mouth. The drier one's mouth, the more likely one is to myep. Myepping is also more likely to occur immediately following the consumption of viscous foodstuffs, such as yogourt or cream cheese.

As the sound of myepping is typically faint, it is normally noticable only when one is situated in very intimate proximity to the myepper, or when the myepper's voice is amplified.

For an excellent demonstration of myepping, listen carefully to various hosts on NPR or (in Canada) CBC radio. Also listen carefully to the dialogue in the 2003 film <<I'll Sleep When I'm Dead>>, starring Clive Owen.
I'd better drink some water before my lecture, or my myepping will drive the students to distraction.

The new Norah Jones album is very good, but they should have used a de-myepper on the vocal track.

by Paul B. and Julien B. September 21, 2006
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