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the holy word that explains everything it can mean yes and much much more also im pretty sure dinos spoke this
i was like myeah then she sad myeah back
or the dino went myeah to the intergalactic space system
1. An exclamation and nonstandard spelling of yes , representing informal pronunciation.
2. Used instead of 'I concure' or that's awesome!
3. Another way to say G'day
When your friend calls instead of saying hello say Myeah
(MMM-YEAH - sound out the M but give it a short emphasis so it is -MYEAH!)
by Rosy K October 18, 2007
pronounced "my-ea"

negative exclamation of surprise or disappointment.
*boy opening presents on his birthday*

Johnny: "myeah!"

Parent: "Little Johnny, you don't like your birthday present?"

Johnny: "I was hoping for a Playstation, not a pair of socks."
by Ansul November 09, 2010

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