An internet forum found on
Nacho, close this.
by Otherside June 06, 2005
Street name for the particular British-manufactured quaalude, "Mandrax."
The Deftones make a reference to Mandrax with the name of their song 'MX' on the 'White Pony' album.
by Siegfried Zaga May 21, 2005
Common name for the music-based internet forums that accompany the sputnikmusic review site. Forums are known for 'bringing the lulz' and boasting the likes of semi-famous, obese, 'I know famous people, I swear it' Death n Taxes frontman, Jaylink.
I like to waste time posting crap on mx.
Ancient lulz in mx.
by himynameisblank December 15, 2007
MX is a Person on The best kind of MX'er are The people in the D & P forum. The best one of all is Cheungman
Man your a awesome MX'er because your a Drummer....WOW YOUR CHEUNGMAN?!?!?!
by Ron Cheung July 19, 2004
1. Great, master of all
2. Graphics/Computer wizard
You are definetly a MX.
by Ton October 24, 2003

it basically stands for the musicianforums...dont know why...messed up society of hippies..goths..punks..and lil' emo people...this is a forum...the largest online.
Anyone outside the forum will not understand...


^it should be in here^
n00b...get off mx its clear you still dont understand it
by dude-with-no-right-ear May 06, 2005
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