so yeah... mvp but as the students fondly call it: maryjail- is a small all girls prep school in the middle of know where. when a class doesnt cave in to conformism they are known as the bad class. every1 hates them and they get special meetings w. "laddddiiies" "pull up those shorts blah blah blah im going to keep on talking bcuz i can" and "oo look at me im a beaver". but i seriously think these ladies shud know that we dont give a damn. so yeah... u hav special meetings where u have to stand up and check ur neighbors uniform and then sit down... pointless i know. then they tell you that going there is a privilege... are they serious?... but what they dont realize is that they need our money to stay open. but why do they call it a jail some people might ask? well ill tell u why... cuz they are retarded and block sites like this one and myspace. then they check this one and delete the definitions... how gay is that?... well then there are teachers that hand out demerits for gay reasons... like ur shirt is untucked... SHIRTS COME UNTUCKED!!!... ur walking on the back of ur shoes, ur like 5 seconds late for HR. like i said gay reasons. oh yeah... and socks cannot be folded down. so this is life as i know it... WELCOME TO MARYJAIL!
"are you embarassed?"
"no1? well you shud be"

too bad we arent... :D
by b.i.t.e.m.e.w.h.o.r.e.s May 03, 2005
Top Definition
Most Valuable Player
by Clutchworld May 31, 2003
Most Valuable Player in any type.
"Go Ahead and Envy Me, I'm Rap's MVP, and I ain't going nowhere so You Can Get to Know Me" The Game. The Documentary. Hate It or Love It (Feat. 50 Cent)
by Ollie: Oliver Wang April 04, 2005
The Most Valuable Player. The player with the most skill, who contributes the most to their team. Used mainly in sports and video games.

Unfortunately, this term was hijacked by retards who watch Jersey Shore, who now think it stands for Mike Vinny Paul or some shit.
Me: He was totally MVP during that game

Friend: Mike, Vinny, and Paul?

Me: *facepalm. I don't know why I'm even talking to you
by IPN November 23, 2011
M.V.P stand for MOST VALUBLE PERSONEL OR MOST VALUBLE PLAYER that practically explains it
go head envy me im raps M.V.P
by HAOL May 05, 2005
The Most Valuable Player
Kevin Garnet was the MVP
by Jesus Pimp October 28, 2004
A awesome person that you this is outstanding and did something worth being around.
Man you are the real MVP, thanks for being here for me.
by Olaf December 21, 2014
The best player on the best team
"I know that Westbrook has played the best and been the most valuable to his team, but Stephen Curry is going to win MVP, because he is the best player on the best team."
by theruraldictionary April 01, 2015

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