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a bunch of fake, rude, drunken idiots who will have fizzled out by the time they are 21.
hey. did you hear that mvhc are lame.
#mvhc #mooloolah valley hate crew #brisbane #queensland #fags #australia #hard core groups
by no sugar schweppes AGRUM LIGHT October 16, 2005
A whole group of ex-scene kids (Possibly they were kicked out because they're assholes) being "anti-scene" but in effect are making themselves just as scene as anybody else.

Scene kids think they're better than everyone else.
MVHC think there even better than that.
"Hey did you see all the scene kids bumming around down the end of Queen Street Mall?"

"No. Duh, they're mvhc."

" look just the same. What fags."
#scene kids #brisbane #try-hards #scenesters #assholes
by ChickenPie December 13, 2005
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