sideburns that usually apply to gay people or faggots, example: elvis.
Todd's mutton chops kick ass
by Patrick February 22, 2005
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Sideburns that have grown to a size at which they have overtaken the edges of the face and are working their way towards each other. Possibly the best thing to happen to the side of the head since ears.
Check out those mad mutton chops, i bet they keep his ears warm.
by S Dizzle January 12, 2004
A better extended version of sideburns.
Narrower at the temple, broad at lower jaw.
See General Burnside.
My brother is growing kick-ass muttonchops.
by mud January 04, 2005
A style of beard in which the sideburns are gown out and allowed to merge with the moustaches, while the chin is shaved bare.
Muttonchops went out of style a long time ago.
by Shard February 28, 2005
Sideburns in excess of 2 inches in length. See also: Van Buren, Martin
Martin Van Buren had a mad set of mutton chops.
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
large sideburns, almost connecting at the chin, aka "lamb chops", or "muttons"
Damn! John Quincy Adams had some gnarly mutton chops!
by paulieD February 24, 2008
sideburn-moustache combination which can be found on such awsome musicians as Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister.
dude 1: wow, u seen that guys facial hair?
dude 2: yeah! he has kick ass mutton chops!
by chinbeard September 04, 2010
females pubic hair extends laterally from her swimsuit
I saw this chick walk down to the beach with this big fur burger and two mutton chops hanging out out the side
by dedidik December 07, 2010
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