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Spell it backwards dumbass!
Quit being suck a little mutorcs!

Why don't you two mutorcses go down to the store and get me a beer,
by James Coyne January 11, 2004
the number one ny urban professional league basketball team founded by the god father and the x factor.
Did you see those mutorcs in action last night?
by thebigticket September 11, 2007
The definition of faggotry. Likes male sex, crossplaying on the internet (pretending to be a female), and wears 12 shirts under a hand made vest made out of his mother's ass.
<< Leila was disconnected (Porn: banned) >>
Mutorcs is a cumbag
by Speak'o'd'evil April 18, 2005
-A group of people who loves to have fun,enjoys doing nothing,most of them are linked to the third sex.Was founded by BJMP last 2007.
-A name that replaced Team APC
Ober says: "Mutorcs has arrived"

Ome and Andy from Team mutorcs have the same taste when it comes to the third sex.
by bee-ats March 18, 2008
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