mad + cute = MUTE
Aw you guys are a couple? That's mute.
by welovedemi March 09, 2014
Variation of
"Crushed yo eyeballs"
which went out of style last year

you got told
and are now dumbfounded to the point you have nothing to say
Person 1
Who says I can't do that
Person 2
I say so thats who bizatch!!
by Chaos February 01, 2004
short for mutual
i love you man.
totes mutes
by bigballbandit August 11, 2011
A person that should just not talk but talks anyway.

Usually blabs on about how great they are or about how much they know, nad more than likely it is all bullshit.

This type of person is the type of person than you can try to walk away from while they are talking and they have no idea that you are trying to leave.
"Did you hear the bullshit Johnny was spewing today, what a fucking mute that guy is, I wish he would go drop on his head."
by Jester1970 July 27, 2009
A term that referrs to the state of intoxication.
underrage girls from the shire use it all the time. but really they arent drunk, theyve had about half a drink and the rest is put on.
"hahahh we were so mute"
by aussiepride November 13, 2007
To be muted in the UD chatroom.

You can't talk at all while your on it.

You can be muted thanks to the stupid warning system that people abuse.
Roxanne was muted and now she can't type.

Hey let's mute that bitch!
by Roxanne Hayley Michelle August 10, 2007
skateboard terminology - a grab trick where your front hand goes around your front knee and grabs on the toe-rail of the board, in between your feet. pretty cool. invented by a guy whos name escapes me, but i do know that he was infact, mute.
the 900 by tony hawk is a mute bs 900.
by karl July 10, 2004
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