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A musicoholic is a person who's life revolves around mucic. If you listen to mucic in the shower, whil'st sleeping, while eating, or just plain listening to music while doing nothing, if you do all of the above, you are a muscioholic. You think about musci all day, you think about listening to it, going to concerts, buying a CD. Everything you do has music involved in it.
"I woke up to the darling sounds of radiohead, got up and listened to some foo fighters whil'st brushing my teeth then listened to some bowie while eating breakfast before going to the CD store, my friends call me a musicoholic."
by JessicaLM September 01, 2005
One who is addicted to music.
This dude is musicoholic... He listens to music 24/7, man!
by Musicoholic May 18, 2010
One who is addicted to musicohol.
I started going to musicoholics anonymous meetings to get off my musicohol addiction.
by norris g January 24, 2007

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