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sick music; good music
used in msn convos
Patreezy: Yo, send me some trill songz?
Rezwizzle: Trill songz? I'll send you some musick!!!
by Rezwizzle November 01, 2008
musick! the one genre that is truely sick in music

emo/metal/heavy metal
jamie-"hey you know those mad cunts stuey robbo and liam bunningz there sick cause they listen to musick"
by bunningz December 08, 2009
When you hear the same couple songs over and over, which makes you get sick every time you hear one of the songs.
I used to listen to my iPod, until I got major musick, because I don't have very many songs on it.

I listen to the radio a lot, but I got Musick, because Womanizer, Just Dance, Live Your Life and Whatever you Like are the only songs they play.
by remodwof March 05, 2009
noun: the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental harmonies and sounds that cause illness, pain or discomfort.

That new Britney song is musick.
Her voice is musick to my ears.
by Hazel Rider July 24, 2008
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