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A musicgasm is when you hit a great part of a song and it is so intense you get goosebumps and chills down your spine and arms and it is just so good.
Whoa I just had a musicgasm listening to Death Cab for Cutie.
by xxYuli August 04, 2006
that feeling that you get when music is just right, and spine tingling.... and basically orgasmic!
"ohhhh my god tulleh, that was just a musicgasm !"
"ohhhhh my god yes it was candiclaus"
"i love brahms!"
by candiclaus and tulleh November 10, 2006
MUSICGASM: The feeling resembling sexual ecstasy from listening to particular music that makes you feel groovy all over
I had a musicgasm when I heard that song "White Horse" by Taylor Swift.
by MICHELE EEEEEEE February 25, 2009
The feeling one gets in the stomach area that is induced by a particularly awesome piece of music.
The solo at the end of "Glory" gives me such a musicgasm.
by J-Killah March 10, 2005
VERB. when you find a song or artist ABSOLUTELY amazing in every way and it gives you the shivers whenever it comes on.
A song by Brand New came on in the car. MUSIC-GASM
by cherrylipstick22 October 19, 2009
A musicgasm occurs when one is dancing and feels as though they are so into the music that they are mere steps away from literally cumming their pants. Often times ejaculation does not occur but strange vocal noices and facial expressions do.
I just musicgasmed all over myself , man.
by YESisNow February 20, 2011
When your music explodes into such an overwhelming epic 'splosion that you have a massive orgasm in your pants
*listening to your ipod when all of a sudden muse's Hysteria Bass line kicks in* Ack! *musicgasm*
by random0fox September 26, 2009
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