One who only listens to obscure bands, shuns anything more popular than that, and tries to drill it into you.
Music snob: "What are you listening to?"
Person: "AC/DC."
Music snob: "Why do you even bother with that crap, try some -insert here pretentious-pseudo-intellectual-band-name-."
by i know i'm a music snob September 10, 2009
A music snob listens to more music than you. As a result they are able to make a better informed judgement on what music is best as they have listened to a wider spectrum of styles. They spend their spare time digging around for music that they perceive to be better than what has been spoon fed to them by the radio. This allows them to hear music that doesn't get credited by major media sources and so aids them in making a better judgement on what music is better.

Often dismissed by others as only liking music on the basis that it is obscure, skeptics of music snobs often choose to make this misinformed judgement because they don't understand the appeal of finding out about less mainstream music. In reality the music snob will prefer less mainstream music solely because it is more original and sounds better.
person 1: "you're such a music snob, you only like music because no one else has heard of it"

Music snob: "Actually I like the music I like because it sounds better and I have spend a lot of time and effort looking for music. It's like looking into a treasure chest. You will pick something from the top and say that it's fantastic, where as I will empty the entire chest, sift through everything and choose only the finest treasure. See what I mean?"

Person 1: "Urgh you're just so pretentious."
by indier than thou June 11, 2011
Someone who really cares about music, and thinks it's so very sad the way it has been cloned, processed and sullied by huge corporations. Also music snobs really care about the fact that everyone walks, talks, and acts the same and that individuality is dead. They are only trying to help you when they mention bands that you should listen to, and are only trying to help THE WORLD when they tell you you are acting like a sheep. It's too bad you can't see that, but you're already sucked in too far into the machine.
" Oh, you're buying the new Beyonce? I wonder if you REALLY like her, or if you just think you have to because everyone else does. This worries me. I'm a music snob and I'm concerned for your happiness and future."
by musicmonkey April 13, 2013
someone who listens to music or bands that aren't that popular yet. whether it be good music or not, they don't like to share it.
I'm a music snob, I don't like to tell people bands
by eli tomas August 11, 2006
Someone who listens to better music than you.
person 1: Hey have you heard that new (insert shitty number 1 single)

music snob: Yeah I have, and i think it's shit! Seriously, there is so much more to music than the crap that get's put in the charts! Here, try listening to (insert good underrated band), I think you'll like it.
by funky-zeit June 08, 2010
someone (me) who believes that their music taste is all defining. which, obviously, it is.
you like metallica. you suck. you like eighties matchbox. you rule.
by Pretty Vacant September 02, 2004

Everything sucks execpt for Led Zeppelin ;)

well, that's not too far off the truth, actuallty.
Pop Music is shit, the norm is horrible, meaningless lyrics with bullshit guitarwork and no talent. Or origianllity. Or class.

Only Rock & Roll deserves to exist.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 04, 2004
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