A hit by a penis with enough force that it leaves a mark in the shape of a mushroom

Katie was talking junk so i gave that whore the mushroom tattoo from hell right across her forehead.
by Sandy Fagina October 02, 2006
After acheiving climax by receiving oral sex the man pulls out his semi-flacid penis from her mouth and slaps it around her face. Leaving a mark in the shape of a mushroom.
Marlene give me a great blow job last night. When she finished swallowing I pulled it out and gave her a mushroom tattoo on the side of her face. You can still see it this morning
by J..C..2 March 01, 2009
Whipping your cock against ones' face extrememly hard to leave a mushroom tattoo.
Look at that huge Mushroom Tattoo on Su's face left by Toran.
by Mike February 04, 2004
To whip someone with the head of your penis leaving a tatoo resembling a mushroom tattoo
andrews chode gives weird mushroom tattoos
by Tyler February 01, 2003
noun; to slap someone in the face with your penis, thereby leaving a red mark in the shape of a mushroom
"My woman acted up so I gave her a mushroom tattoo on the cheek."
by somery February 04, 2003
when someone (mainly a guy) trys to suck your dick and u smack 'em in the forehead with your wang. it leaves a mushroom-shaped mark.... hence mushroom tattoo
last night this fag was tryin to blow me and i gave that biutch a mushroom tattoo!!
by Ben Joseph January 18, 2004
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