sabse bada harami
maa ka loda
by xxx October 06, 2003
Top Definition
derived from the current Pakistani premier, considered my many to be the biggest assh0le ever.

Alternate spelling: musharraf
Man, stop being a musharraf.
by anithinks January 05, 2005
Musharaf is one of those dictators, who stick to power until forcefully removed. He’s ferocious, power- thirsty and at the same time very shrewd. He manages to deceive the whole world by pretending to fight for democracy and stability but in fact he and his government are the source of instability themselves. His only ambition is to get American military help and prolong the conflict in Afghanistan as much as possible through his double standard.
- Musharaf is a dark personality who made a pact with militants along the border of Afghanistan, which has brought so many casualties on the other side.
#dark #cunning #power thirsty #double standard #dictator
by redo August 19, 2007
cool guy; great leader of pakis

one who dispises DUMBASSES and BUSH
hey, isn't that musharaf.
by india ( ! ) May 01, 2005
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