a gay male that workouts to attract other muscular gay men
allen is always trying to attract other dudes at the gym i guess hes a real muscle queen
#fag #pole smoker #gay #homo #faggot #beefy
by bobbytee August 20, 2010
Top Definition
A muscle queen is a gay man who only desires to and exclusively sleeps with extremely and at times grotesquely muscular gay men.
I just saw my ex-boyfriend Gary with some type of bodybuilder. What did he do, turn into a muscle queen overnite?
#queen #chelsea queen #chelsea hag #towelboy #twink
by KC the gawd March 16, 2008
A gay man who pumps iron every waking moment in order to be as physically appealing to other men as possible. Often lives in Manhattan's Chelsea section.
I found a great apartment on 23rd and 7th - immaculate, pine wood floors, rent control, and best of all, my new roommate's never home; he spends all his time at David Barton Gym. Total muscle queen.
by NY girl February 13, 2004
A gay man who is very muscular, but whose personality is very effeminate and flamboyant.
My friend Jim is addicted to the gym. But he's such a flaming homo, which makes him a total muscle queen.
#muscle queen #muscle #queen #gay #gym #homo #sex #faggot #queeny #flaming #flamboyant
by Relichunter321 November 27, 2008
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