1. Unenthusiastic. Crossed between maybe/I dunno.

2. disgruntled noise, more annoyed than 'meh'.
"Are you going to get it done on time?"
by rosatron February 04, 2005
Top Definition
A sound of happiness/contentment used by furries. A made-up 'animal noise' word along the same lines as yiff that probably came from the word 'purr.'
JigglyFox: ::backscritches:: ::cuddles:: ^_______^

WangPanda: ::murrs n licks ur face:: ^.^
by Hatlord March 18, 2005
The term murr is used to describe the phenomenon when one's conscious experience cannot be enumerated with mere words. Murr is used as a linguistic surrogate to stand in for emotion that cannot be put into words. In this way murr encompasses many meanings as its definition can only be derived from its context.
Nerdy dude: "i love your quirks"

Attractive female: "murr"

Nerdy dude: "murr"
by BurtMurrgler August 02, 2011
The moaning/growling sound made by a friendly canine (such as a dog). Often heard emitted as a reply when the animal has been spoken to.
"Who's a good boy?" the man asked his dog, scratching it behind the ears. The dog murred happily.
by Winged Wolf January 11, 2013
interjection used to express a plenitude of feelings, usually mildly negative: dismay, grumpiness, irritation
While watching the Emmys (NOT by choice), Alex discovered that some actor that he'd never heard of or seen before had died. And it made Alex real sad because, and I quote, "I hate it when cute people die." When I asked him if he'd be that upset if I died, his response was, "Am I in the will yet?" MURR.
by alex's aunt September 30, 2011
call of the sea hag
"Murr," cried the sea hag as she was upset with the man.
by theboyfriend October 09, 2011
A question meaning "I'm not going to be bothered to think up an actual question so Murr"
Can be used as defiant statement.

-asking a teacher a question-
Student: What is 2x(3x+4)7x+8?
English teacher: I need a real question. Not math
Student: Umm... Welll... Murr?
English Teacher: Meh
by Reneypie October 05, 2011
A word to use randomly, when your bored, or happy. Its also great to break an awkward silence.
You go to a party and ur ex. bf and his new gf are there and your caught in the same room,....."murr!"

you-(phone vibrates)
bf- Hey babe im sorry i love you so much!:)
by murrninja:) July 30, 2011
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