To beat or smack someone with a beanie baby.
If you don't do that I'll murk you!
by I like to chase squirrels November 24, 2009
to do something exceptionally well,
'goodluck in your exam, you're gonna murk it'

'I totally murked that job interview'
by CLP97 March 16, 2008
Misspelled. See merc, short for "mercenary." Merc means to leave or to kill.
"I killed that guy in the swamp."
"You mean you merced him in the murk?"
by inkdrinker April 22, 2005
To aggressively rape (figuratively and/or metaphorically) someone in the ass
person 1: yo fool i murked all those bitches

person 2:yo son...i murked those fools too
by Joshua Jalapeno February 28, 2008
To attempt to seduce, hit on, make a pass at, or otherwise initiate romantic involvement with a member of the opposite sex. May also be used as a verb, as a replacement for 'fuck' or 'fucked'.

I was murking these two chicks so hard last night.

I murked on your bed, dude!
by young stephen October 18, 2007
to leave, to do something fast
boy: "damn yo im hungry, lets go to mickey d's"
gurl: "iight yo, lets order two double cheeseburgers"
::few seconds later::
gurl: "damn boy, you straight murked on dat cheesebuger !"
by Nobi September 24, 2007
can mean anything, but most commonly used to depict that something was barely won or done.
Created by Athens Academy class of 2012
*in ping-pong the ball hits the very corner of the table and bounces away*
"Dude, you murked me"
by Athens Academy 2012 September 03, 2007

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